Maintenance and Repair

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Sprinkler System Start Up

After a long winter slumber, we recommend our spring start-up appointment to get your system operating again at its peak performance.  Our trained service technicians will perform a 10 point checkup. We will:

  • Activate water and pressurize main line
  • Test backflow if required
  • Check all zones and valves for leaks
  • Test for clogged spray nozzles
  • Check for damaged or non-rotating heads
  • Raise sunken heads/straighten crooked heads
  • Check sprinkler head coverage
  • Test rain sensor
  • Replace battery in controller
  • Set controller accordingly

Fall Winterization

As the cold weather nears, it is necessary to prepare your irrigation system for winter to eliminate the chance of freezing and possible damage.  Our technicians will perform the following procedures:

  • Shut all water off to irrigation
  • Drain and remove backflow if outdoors
  • Use a towable commercial grade air compressor to flush out lines
  • Open and flush any garden spigots
  • Shut down controller
  • Note any damage for spring repairs


Our service technicians arrive in trucks fully equipped to handle any variety of service and any type of brand with speed, accuracy, and professionalism.  When you need to, you’ll be able to reach us.

We keep extensive customer service files with detailed directions, past service records, and preferences.  Below is a list of services:

  • Spring activations and winterizations
  • System auditing
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Booster pump installations for maximum system performance
  • Wiring and electrical diagnosis and repair
  • System additions
  • Backflow inspections, testing, and repair
We service all major systems, including:






And more!

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What People Are Saying

The installation was quick and the team was very neat. Their service is also top notch. For the few times we’ve had to call them for unscheduled service, they are easy to reach and always very responsive.

– Bob V.

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