Landscape Lighting

Why landscape lighting installation?

Lighting and irrigation are the two most important technical aspects of a well-finished landscape, and we are Maine’s leading resource for both. We specialize in low voltage, outdoor LED lighting that will enhance your surroundings, doesn’t compete with nature, and adds new dimensions to the appearance of your home.

Beauty. Lighting accentuates the architectural and landscape details you love so much during daylight hours.
Safety. Lighting the perimeter of the house wards off would-be vandals.
Value. A professionally-designed lighting system increases the value of your home.

lighting in downtown square

What are the benefits of landscape lighting?

  • Create longer seasons through lighting that extends your enjoyment of your yard at night. Create new focal points and entertainment areas.
  • Changing seasons create different moods- highlight these shifts with your lighting. In spring and summer, warm colors yield bright, sharp colors. Fall foliage can be magnified with unsurpassed colors and shadows. Winter blues can be alleviated with just the right amount of light.
  • Correct lighting blends with the landscape by day and gives you a dramatic look at night.
  • Our 12-volt lighting costs less to operate than 120-volt lighting at up to 1/3 of the cost. Big effects can come from small, controlled installations that have been carefully designed for maximum impact.
landscape lighting illuminating house and walkway

How does landscape lighting work?

Transformers – Transformers reduce the power to 12-volts, allowing carefree maintenance. Less power to lights equals less electrical consumption—1/3 less than standard systems. Transformers are sized according to each lighting system. They can be activated with dimmers or photo light sensors.

Conductors – Conductors are the wiring supplied with each light. Low voltage wiring supplies the current to the light. Wires are installed no less than 6″ in depth. The right size wire can make the difference between a poorly designed and a professionally lit system.

Lamps –  Customers can choose from many styles, sizes, finishes, shapes, and colors. Light fixtures become part of your landscape decor and are chosen accordingly. Picking just the right light for the area is a vital part of the process and one we undertake with particular care.

landscape lighting illuminating stone house

Common types of lighting:

  • Path Lighting – An attractive way to light paths and gardens for safe passage.
  • Up Lighting – Create focal points in the landscape with shadows and silhouettes.
  • Step/Wall Lighting – Light dark areas, creating visual appeal.
  • Moon Lighting – Lighting placed high in trees, mimicking mother nature’s soft lighting.
  • Niche Lighting – Light decks, gazebos, sheds, and barbecue areas.

There are endless possibilities!

industrial sprinkler watering athletic field

What People Are Saying

Job well done for a reasonable and fair price!

– Torsten H.

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